About Us

Natural Beauties Creatives is a minority woman owned business that specializes in apparel & gift customization, craft workshops, trendy jewelry and home decor. Established in 2016, as Natural Beauties Shop selling a specialized signature whipped shea body and hair butter it has now evolved into a space that encapsulates all of my creative gifts.

First Cocktails & Crafts Hour
"First official Cocktails & Crafts Hour!"

Cocktails & Crafts Hours by NB Creatives started in the summer of 2019 in my home studio. I gathered some friends over to test out a crazy concept I had come up with. Complimentary drinks, small bites and an evening of boozy crafting. I think we all have fallen in love with it ever since!

Cocktails & Crafts has grown to now offer workshops for different budgets as well as a mobile service, Cocktails & Crafts Anywhere, where we bring the fun to you!

Who is your Boozy Craft Guide? My name is Gabrielle and I have been designing, crafting, sewing, or just dreaming up ideas since I could open and close a safety pin on my own. With childhood dreams of becoming a fashion designer my studies led to earning a BA in Fashion and Retail Management.

A natural born creative, I could take anything apart, put it together, or reconstruct it into something even better with little to no guidance. I learned along this journey that with a little “liquid courage” I can actually teach others to do the same!

Let’s Get Boozy!

Your Boozy Craft Guide

Your Boozy Craft Guide