Butter & Oil Shipping

The butters we either sell or use in the Whipped Hair & Body Frostings collection and soaps have a low melting point. These products contain little to no synthetic stabilizers in them. We do make the best provisions possible for you to receive your items in their intended condition.  

If you do choose to order during warm weather months or live in a warmer climate please keep in mind some melting may occur. Besides its appearance, the quality of the products effectiveness is not affected by any melting.

If you happen to receive a warm or melted product it's best to place it unopened into the refrigerator as soon as possible until it solidifies.  It will appear more like a balm if completely melted but will still work the same!

Just like whipped cream, whipping  increases the volume of our whipped butters by adding tiny air bubbles. This is how we achieve our light and fluffy texture. Although we volume fill our products to the top, when melting occurs those air bubble collapse and can also cause a significant decrease in volume.

If you prefer the whipped texture, after refrigeration, you can simply scoop the product out and whip it back up with a mixer or hand blender and return to jar.

Just keep in mind that we don’t have control of what happens after it leaves our hands especially in warm weather conditions and cannot be held responsible for melted products. Hopefully these tips can help you still enjoy your product no matter the condition it arrives in!

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